About me!

Hi! I’m Jessica!

In Summer of 2015, I realized I was sitting around the house, not exercising, watching lots of TV, eating all the wrong things. After multiple years of an unexplained rash, I eventually figured out that it was a Candida overgrowth and in order to eradicate it, I had to go completely dairy, gluten and sugar-free.

Over the subsequent 6 months my new diet resulted in some serious weight loss, then the side effect of that, was increased confidence and self-esteem. I was sick of wearing all my baggy clothes, feeling the same way I did when I weighed 30 (now 40) pounds more.

In conjunction with all this, I had recently gone through a break up and was single again at age 33. Dating in the digital age has only become harder.  It consumed so much of my time and all I had to show for it was a couple of first dates and a lot of anxiety. It was suggested to me that I find a rewarding hobby to otherwise occupy my time.

Something about sewing always appealed to me, I would even get jealous of fun projects that I saw my friends making. Then it occurred to me that, while I hadn’t sewn since I was in 8th grade, there was no reason why I couldn’t start up again! There were some nice inexpensive sewing machines out there and my birthday and Christmas  were coming up! My lovely mother ended up getting me the machine I wanted for my 34th birthday.  I wasn’t really sure where to start, but then after some research, I happened on some other blogs about refashioning clothes and saw how easy it could be to make something adorable out of something boring/ugly/ridiculous. So I gave it a shot and was so proud of my work that I wanted to show it off to anyone that would look!

I realized that I could combine my new found rewarding hobby with my previous love for storytelling and create a blog to share with friends and family! So here it is, for all to see!

Thank you all for visiting!

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Me and Bailey Collage

P.S. – I also have a day job as an Executive Assistant in Portland, Oregon and I live with my 13-year old Catahoula Leopard dog, Bailey, in a nearby suburb.

Refashioning clothes and storytelling without taking myself too seriously.