Post 37 – My purple comeback

Where in the heck have I been?!  Sorry readers, I know it has been over a month since my last post. There are a couple reasons why I haven’t been producing new refashions lately.

The first being that Bailey and I were spending a lot of time with new friends. Yeah, these guys:

All the kittens plus BaileyKittens all together

I probably should have tried to hold them all at once about 2 weeks sooner. They are looking a little smooshed. **No kittens were harmed in the taking of these photos.** No, I didn’t get a kitten myself, these 5 fur babies were being fostered by a special guy and have since been adopted out to loving homes.

Secondly, I started 3 different sewing projects about a month ago, but hit some snags with each of them and got frustrated, so I didn’t complete them. This post is about the first of those, for which I did not have the right color thread.  Yes, I did have ample opportunity to purchase appropriate thread, but just never made the effort. Thanks to my dear stepmom and her beautifully organized sewing cabinet, she gave me some nice purple thread and I was back in business! (More on those other projects soon…I swear!)

I purchased this women’s XL Jones New York button-down blouse for $2 at a local consignment shop.

Purple comeback - befores

It was a really pretty and vibrant shade of purple and I knew that with summer on its way, I could make this into a nice lightweight top.

You know what that means, sleeves no more!

Off they went with Jack the (seam) Ripper:

Purple comeback - removing sleeves

Then I pinned up the arm holes, and proceeded to leave it sitting on my sewing table for 4 weeks. Following the acquisition of proper thread, I sewed up those sleeve holes, which had managed to fray quite a bit while just sitting doing nothing.

Purple comeback - sewing armholes

Lots of dangling strings!  I tried my best to snip them away, but fraying is a bit of a losing battle.  I have not been impressed by the results of fray check as of yet, but that may have had to do with the type of fabric I used it on. This is 100% polyester, so it may respond better. I might give it a shot if I have an armpit full of purple thread at the end of day. 🙂

Next, I needed to take this in a bit. So I reacquainted myself with The Body:

Purple comeback - on The Body

…and pinned it to fit. I didn’t want to replicate my most recent fit mistakes, so I made sure not to pull too tight when pinning.

Purple comeback - pinned on The Body

The most important thing here was to nip it in at the waist, for more feminine definition. It seems that clothing manufacturers have decided that button down shirts must be as boxy as possible.  The definition that you are seeing in the before picture is only due to the fact that my hand is on my hip. Not cool Jones NY.

Anyhow, it was time to stitcheroo:

Purple comeback - taking in sides

Nope, with all that time off, I DID NOT learn how to pin properly. Meh, gets the job done.

After a quick try-on, I was happy with the fit, so I decided to add a second set of zig-zag stitches on the outside of my straight stitch, to help prevent fraying. After seeing those sleeve holes, better safe than sorry and stringy!

Purple comeback - zigzag stitches

Then, I removed the excess with my handy rotary blade:

Purple comeback - removing excess, set upPurple comeback - removing excess


That was it! An uncomplicated jump back into refashioning. I now have a nice tunic-length top, perfect for a 79 degree Portland day!

Purple comeback - afters

It works great with leggings and slip-ons. I am a happy camper.  🙂 I hope this finds you all well and I will be back with you again soon.

Final comparison:

Purple comeback - final comparison


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