Post 6 – Noooorrrm!

Today’s refashion was a fun find, it’s a vintage Norm Thompson:

Norm tag

Formerly a mail-order only retailer, Norm Thompson was founded in Portland in 1949.  I haven’t ever owned anything from Norm Thompson in the past, but I am pretty sure that my grandmother was a frequent NT catalog shopper.  I thrifted this dress for just $8.

Norm before 2 Norm before 1  Killer socks, right?!

This gal didn’t need a ton of help, as it was in great condition. The top is a cozy navy knit and the skirt a bright cherry poplin.  Unfortunately, this was one of my photo failures and I neglected to get anything photographed as far as the process goes.

While I had the dress on, I safety pinned where I wanted the length to be when I was done.  I then removed the bottom portion, making sure to add an extra inch for the hem. Then, I hemmed!

I also cut off the old hem from the removed length and sewed up the cut side. I turned it inside out and finished the ends, to create a waist defining sash.  I chose to roll up the sleeves, rather than cut and hem them, so it can still be worn either way.

I unbuttoned the top 3 buttons and folded the collar under, to make a v-neck. I safety pinned each side in place, so it also can be worn either way, depending on how I am feeling.

The result:

Norm after 3Norm after 2  I do have to factor in ‘after photo’ time into my morning routine.

Boots and leggings, like always, and I rocked a pretty cute outfit to work!

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Final comparison:

Norm after comparison


Update 4/25/16:  A  professional photo to show the true vibrance of that red skirt.



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