Post 33 – REAL Photos!!

Over the weekend, a long-time family friend offered to take professional photos of me in my refashions after a cancellation left him with pre-paid studio time.

We got photos of 10 of my best outfits and I thought I would share with you some of the best shots. You will now be able to see for sure what my refashions ACTUALLY look like!

Here they are, from oldest to newest blog-wise.

Post 4: Elementary, my dear readers:

_DSC4384 _DSC4396

Post 5 – I could just dye!

_DSC4345 _DSC4355

Post 6 – Noooorrrm!:

_DSC4406 _DSC4418

Post 16 – Hawaiian /LNY Princess

_DSC4376 _DSC4368

Post 21 – Floral Monet

_DSC4317 _DSC4320

Post 22 – In the navy

_DSC4437 _DSC4436

Post 23 – Cozy in (still) winter

_DSC4495 _DSC4492

Post 26 – March Plaidness

_DSC4338 _DSC4340

Post 31 – Clubbing in your 30’s

_DSC4464 _DSC4467

Post 32 – Cover-somes

_DSC4453 _DSC4455

I hope this gives a little more insight into the look of my clothes. 🙂

I promise to have new content VERY soon!

Have a great one everybody!


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