Post 31 – Clubbing in your 30’s

Over the weekend, for the first time in many months, my book club convened!  It was a very busy fall and winter and we went on an extended hiatus, which I am sure we will do our best NOT to repeat.  It can be difficult to bring 11 hard working women/moms/wives together sometimes.

Our book, (well, half a book, we don’t try to do more than 300 or so pages at a time, we know our limits) this time around is, All The Light We Cannot See.  I like it so far, but any wartime novel always has me worried about the fate of the main characters.  No spoilers!

A number of my fellow book club ladies have been so kind to express their appreciation of this blog, so I DEFINITELY had to throw a refashion together to wear to our meeting.

I went with this fuchsia linen/rayon number:

Pink tank - befores

I obtained this size-18 tank dress from the Salvation Army for $0.69! Every Saturday and Sunday anything with the tag color of the week is only 69 measly cents! Unfortunately, by the weekend there is not a lot left, but if you aren’t too discerning about size, you can still find some gems!

The first step was to throw it over The Body and see my options for taking it in.

Pink tank - on the body

This was a lot of extra fabric, so the best option would be to take it in from the sides, but there was this:

Pink tank - side zipper

Shout out to Leopard, my dog’s best friend, featured in this photo.

A side zipper! Last week in my post Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, I took the dress in at the darts to avoid cutting the zipper away.  Unfortunately, that was a much smaller dress and had a lot less to take in.  Taking the darts in 5-6 inches would end up looking really odd.

Ugh…what to do? I decided to say “screw it,” and pinned around the zipper:

Pink tank - pinned on body 2

Pink tank - pinned on body

Getting this off of The Body was tough. I definitely lost a number of pins in the process. Luckily, they left little pin holes, so it was pretty easy to replace them before sewing.

Speaking of which:

Pink tank - sewing side

I need to try SO MUCH harder to pin in the right direction. I just go by instinct instead of actually taking the time to think about it. This instinct is usually wrong.

I tried my dress on and as luck would have it, I was able to get it on without the aid of a zipper! Wooo! Installing a zipper is a challenge that will have to wait for another day. 🙂

However, I still needed to take in the darts a bit, to prevent some bagginess in the chest area.

I decided to wing it:

Pink tank - sewing dart

It went okay, I would have taken in more, if I didn’t need to still pull it over my head.

I removed the inner excess, along with the zipper. Time to make this harebrained idea permanent!

Pink tank - cutting excess

To be honest, I should’ve probably done a second set of zigzag stitches to prevent fraying, because boy did this fray fast! I wish I had a serger for such occasions, but I am not ready to invest in one.

Next up, the hem. I did a rough estimate of the amount to remove when I tried it on, so I measured and chopped a similar number of inches.

Pink tank - cutting length

Then I pinned it with an inch-ish hem…I’m so precise. 🙂 I am sure you actual seamstresses can’t even handle it!

Pink tank - pinned hem

However, you will be proud of me for actually ironing before I sewed. I even had an assistant:

Pink tank - assistant

No, I didn’t get a cat. I was cat-sitting for the weekend while his dad moved. Charlie kitty was very interested in all parts of the refashion process! He was especially interested in the ironing, which is what I was doing at the time of this photo. 

I sewed up the hem and that was it!  I was ready for book club!

Paired with my bow belt and Gucci jellies, it was a great ensemble for a warm spring day!

Pink tank - afters

It was so nice to see all the ladies again and I am looking forward to a shorter break between meetings this time around.

Final comparison:

Pink tank - final comparison

Until next time…

Update: This dress is SO pink… “HOW PINK IS IT?!” This dress is so pink, I had to get professional photos taken, just to show you its true hue.

_DSC4464 _DSC4467


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