Post 26 – March Plaidness

For many years at my various workplaces I have organized the annual NCAA Tournament bracket competition at work. Though, now that I work in an office with over 100 people, the turnout is fantastic! Something about a $10 “donation” and competition among friends can make every one  of the games SO EXCITING!  I also love that anyone can win, because the outcomes are all such a toss up!

So, I have named this post in honor of my excitement and the final day before the games begin!  However, this outfit has nothing to do with basketball. 🙂

This one is a 2-piece ensemble, which I sewed at different times, so there are 2 sets of before pictures.

First, the skirt:

Plaidness - before skirt

This is a vintage Worthington wool skirt that I got on ebay for $4.99 plus (ugh) $8.35 shipping.  I think I got hosed on shipping, but oh well, it is a very nice skirt for just over $13.

Second, the top:

Plaidness - before top

This is a ca. 1980’s blouse with a lot of detail and charm. I also purchased this on ebay for $10, plus $4.54 shipping. It may seem like a lot to pay for this top, but look at the detail:

Plaidness - shirt detail

Embroidery and beading down the placket, with lovely pleats, all in excellent condition. However, there is just one problem:

Plaidness - shirt before tummy

This petite is REALLY petite. Definitely not a top to be worn with pants!  Hello white, winter belly!  Seriously, I’m barely a shade darker than the top.

The skirt was a pretty easy fix. It fit well, I just didn’t like the length. The funny thing about longer skirts is that they usually have a kick pleat, so you aren’t waddling down the street. The length of the pleat tends to be the perfect amount to remove to make it just above the knee. So using the kick pleat and plaid as a guide, I cut!

Plaidness - cutting length

and cut

Plaidness - cut length

Then, I made a small 1/2″ hem and pinned it:

Plaidness - hem pin

Added benefit of cutting along the kick pleat? Often the inner lining of the skirt doesn’t extend down into it, so you are only cutting the one layer. Here I am folding the hem over the top of the bottom of the lining so it doesn’t peek out.

Quick grammar PSA, as I see this come up A LOT:

Peek = a quick look

Peak = highest point

Pique = stimulate (interest/curiosity)

Thank you. Back to the skirt.

With such a thick material of varying colors, I thought I would give my clear thread a try.

Plaidness - clear thread

Doesn’t it look like fishing line?! Well, it feels like it too, maybe a little thinner, but not quite what I was expecting. Definitely only to be used for non-delicate fabric.

This was such a thick wool, I had to actually hold the hem down after I removed the pins, as it was trying to spring back:

Plaidness - hem sew

After sewing the circumference, I was all finished with the skirt! Quick and easy!

Onto the shirt!

Something about this 80’s-tastic top reminded me of a certain daredevil.

??  No…not THAT daredevil!

This one:

Ariel car swap 1 Ariel car swap

“Ariel, I could kill you!”     “You almost did.” 

Who doesn’t love Footloose?! Original Footloose only! Get the eff out of here with your remakes, Julianne Hough.  Truthfully, I haven’t seen the remake, it might be good…but I doubt it.

Anyhow, white puffy top and a plaid skirt, I think I’ve got this 80’s inspired outfit down!

First thing to do on the top was to remove the shoulder pads:

Plaidness - shirt pads

I mean, I want 80’s inspired, not straight up 80’s.

Then, it was time for the sleeves. I was a little sad to see them go, but the cuffs were just too much.

Plaidness - shirt sleeve chop

Well that doesn’t look even!  Spoiler: it wasn’t.

However, it is okay, because for this hem on this delicate fabric, I kind of just let it dictate the fold of the hem. Trust me, forcing a measurement on it would have made it look off.

Plaidness - shirt sleeve pin

I sewed up the sleeves and that was it! Each piece was pretty quick.

The results:

Plaidness - afters pumps

Nice little outfit! Unfortunately, despite the sunny day, my legs were going to be just too cold, so I opted for boots over the pumps.

Plaidness - afters boots

A bit clunkier, but still decent.  Any day now, I’ll be able to wear pumps without leggings!

Final comparison:

Plaidness - final comparison

Good luck to all of you with your brackets! Go sports!

Update: I got some modeling practice somewhere outside of my sewing room.

_DSC4340 _DSC4333


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