Post 23 – Cozy in (still) winter

Hey, hey everybody! Not sure how the weather is where you are, but in Portland there is a lot of rain in the forecast. Big surprise. The temperatures are warming a little though, so it was time to refashion this winter look before it’s a little too warm for comfort.

I purchased this men’s navy blue, 2XL sweater at Goodwill for $9.99 at the same time as another sweater, which you may remember from Post 9 – Oh, the luxury.

Cashmere Navy - befores

Check out those gams! 

I originally had some grand plans to meld the two sweaters into a single cardigan, but I knew that was going to test my skills and patience a bit too much and scrapped the idea. Plus, I would have been pretty upset if I destroyed 2 beautiful cashmere sweaters!

Did I forget to mention that it is cashmere?

Cashmere Navy - 100% cashmere

Yeah, it is just about the softest thing! Unfortunately, the original brand tag has been removed, so it is of unknown origin, but I can tell you that the most expensive brands are made in Italy. I’m going to just assume it had an original price tag of hundreds of dollars.  🙂  This sweater is definitely thicker than the one from Saks, so it provides even more goat-soft comfort!

Goat? Yeah, did you know cashmere comes from these guys:

Fun fact: the cashmere goat is only sheared once per year, resulting in a mere 2.5lbs of fleece.  So, I guess it is understandable why cashmere sweaters are so expensive.  How much do you think I could buy one of these goats for? 😉

Actually, were I in the market, I’d go for one of these Nubian cuties:

Nubian Goats


Yeah, yeah, enough about goats, back to the clothes.

My process is one you’ll find to be familiar:

Cashmere Navy - on mat

I first laid the sweater out flat, inside out. Then I used a well fitting sweater as a template over the top:

Cashmere Navy - on mat with template

In this case, it made more sense to use a sweater, as opposed to a dress, because I wanted the fit to be sweater-like, just longer.

I pinned around the gray sweater, leaving a little extra room for a seam allowance:

Cashmere Navy - on mat with pins

Once complete, it was time for some quick stitching along my pin line:

Cashmere Navy - sewing

After I tried it on again to check for fit (it did!), I removed the excess from the inside:

Cashmere Navy - removing excess scissors

I also wanted to try the dress on before doing anything with the collar, as I wasn’t sure how it would look best. I decided to proceed with removing the collar, which helped the dress look more feminine.

Cashmere Navy - cutting collar

Hard to see, but I cut right along the seam of the collar. Unfortunately, this resulted in an opened seam that needed to be stitched up.

Cashmere Navy - sewing collar

I didn’t bother with pins on this, they weren’t necessary.

That’s it! This one was pretty quick! I sure like when I don’t have complications. I chose not to cut the length from the sleeves and just folded the cuff over instead. Removing cuffs means a rolled sleeve and I don’t really like the look of that.

Since the navy is so dark, I decided to go bold with my leggings this time:

Cashmere Navy - afters 2

Red! There aren’t a ton of looks that can handle a brightly colored legging, but I think this looks pretty good!  I tried on my cream and aqua pairs as well, but neither struck as good of a balance as the red.  What do you guys think? Too kooky?

I wore this ensemble on a date to a local Latin American eatery Teote. It was more casual than I was expecting, but the food was still good and best of all, gluten free!

Final comparison:

Cashmere Navy - final comparison 2

Have a great week everyone!

Update: Check out these red leggings in a studio setting!

_DSC4495 _DSC4492


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