Post 21 – Floral Monet

Today’s refashion made me think of one of my 90’s movie faves, because of its bold and (potentially uggy) pattern.

Remember this?

Clueless Monet

Okay, it isn’t quite a ‘big old mess,’ but you may not love it:

Floral Monet - before 1 Floral Monet - before 2

Floral Monet - before 3 print

See what I mean? Pretty intense!  I really like it though. 🙂

This gal is actually a vintage housecoat I got on ebay for $4.99, plus $2 shipping. So that not only means that it is pretty shapeless, but also that it has a front zipper!  I considered turning it around backwards, but it felt funny. See:

Floral Monet - back puppet

Maybe not “puppet” funny, but I don’t think I’ve been giving  you all enough nerdy photos lately. You’re welcome.

Let’s  see if we can make this Monet into a work of art.

First,  I dragged out The Body (thanks again for that name Anna!) and put the dress on her inside out, then pinned to fit her curves (i.e. my curves):

Floral Monet - side pinning

Just a couple pins, which are hard to see.

Floral Monet - on The Body

Fully pinned in the hallway.

Next I sewed up those sides, and forgot to take a picture. However, it was still too big (time to adjust The Body!), so I did some pinning on my actual body to nip the sides in further and define my waist more clearly. I then sewed that up.

Happy with the fit, I tackled the length. I folded the previous hem twice (as I had done on myself) and removed it.

Floral Monet - hem chop

I may have gone a bit too short, but not indecent, so still wearable. You’ll see.

Then I removed about half of the sleeves.

Floral Monet - sleeve chop 1

I usually measure on my cutting mat from the shoulder seam and then do the same on the opposite sleeve. Here it was 10 inches from shoulder to cut.

However, if you don’t have a cutting mat, it can also be helpful to lay the cut portion on top of the other sleeve as a guide:

Floral Monet - sleeve chop 2

Then, it was time for hemming. I went with 3/4″, since I already took off so much length.

Floral Monet - hemming bottom

Pinning, with 3/4″ on the hem gauge.

Then I stitched up the bottom hem and the sleeves.

Floral Monet - sewing hem

I also removed the extra fabric on the inside with my heavy duty pinking shears, which were another cool item I acquired from my great-grandmother’s sewing supplies.

Floral Monet - pinking

Cutting with pinking shears can prevent fraying.

After trying the dress on one more time, I decided it needed a sash, because why not?!

I took the bottom portion of the removed hem and turned it inside out, then I sewed up both sides.

Floral Monet - sewing belt

After turning it right side out (a slow process), I was finished!

Gotta say, I think this is HOT!

Floral Monet - after legs Floral Monet - after legs 2

I’m showing a little more leg than normal, but this isn’t how I wore it to work. Despite a sunny day here in Portland, it’s still a bit too chilly for bare legs. So, I pulled out the leggings and boots:

Floral Monet - after boots Floral Monet - after boots 2

Not quite so sexy, but still looks nice.  Gotta love that zipper in the front! It makes for an easily adjustable neckline, depending on the occasion.

In the first set of pictures, you may notice another pair of footwear I recently acquired. These are silver snakeskin vintage Bruno Magli’s!

I scored these beauties on ebay for $3.99, plus $11.45 shipping (shoes are heavy).  They were a little crackly (dried snake skin) so I used a little leather conditioner on them inside and out and they are soft and lovely again!  Total score!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to show off the whole ensemble to anyone in person. Perhaps I can wear it on a date soon! Yeah, I go on those now.

Final comparison:

Floral Monet - final comparison

Enjoy your day everyone!

Update: Much more detail to see with photos from a REAL camera.



12 thoughts on “Post 21 – Floral Monet”

  1. Turn that sash inside out easily by working it over those big pinking shears. For thinner sashes, sew a sturdy grosgrain ribbon inside then pull it out the end. For still thinner, sew a string inside.

  2. So… I am un-facebooking for lent so I don’t get to see your happy little blog posts on fb. But your blog is so happy, in fact, that just I GOOGLED it so I could read it without having to go through facebook. I don’t google people’s blogs Jess. This is the bigtime. And it indeed made me as happy as I thought it would. First of all, I love it when The Body comes out. Elle has nothing on that shapely little vixen. Second of all, this little number is TOTALLY adorable. I want that dress.

    But if I’m being totally honest… I kind of also want a housecoat.

    I’ve never seen such a specimen before but it seems like a way of giving up on life while still simultaneously being a tiny bit fancy.

    I think they’re really on to something there.

    1. Good for you, Anna! I know what a time suck Facebook can be! However, if you put your email address and name into the “subscribe” field on my site, you will get an email letting you know when I have a new post…no FB necessary! 🙂 I am sure that if you peruse your local thrift store (I believe there is a Salvation Army mere blocks from your house!), you can find a housecoat of your own. Nate will love it. Ha!

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