Post 16 – Hawaiian/LNY Princess

Hello All! Happy Lunar New Year! I thought I would usher in the Year of the Monkey with a beautiful red dress.

This was another ebay find that was $2.99, plus $6.95 shipping. This one was totally worth $10, because it’s an authentic Hawaiian muumuu!

So, something about the length, modesty and fit of this on me really makes it feel like a princess dress. Move over Cinderella!

Red Hawaiian - before 4 length Red Hawaiian - before 2 back

Where’s my tiara?!

It fit pretty well in the top, but the length is just too much for me. Also, see in the back, how it has pleats and has additional fabric? This is a feature of a traditional muumuu, but I don’t think it was doing my bum any favors. We’ll need to rectify that situation too.

Upon turning the dress inside out to get to work, I discovered these:

Red Hawaiian - inner ties

Inner ties! 

I’ve never seen this before. Rather than snip them off, as was my first inclination, I tried the dress on again, this time with those tied up. What a difference! It nips in the bust a bit more without being uncomfortable. Genius! These can definitely stay! It also meant that I wouldn’t need to fuss over taking in the top at all. 🙂

Ties intact, it went back on the chopping block (mat) to lose a lot of length.

Red Hawaiian - length chop

Choppin’ broccolai!  

With such a voluminous skirt and the pleating, this was not as easy as it first seemed. I had to take a few attempts to get it properly even.

Then, it was time for a big hem:

Red Hawaiian - pinning hem

3 inches! 

This actually helped me further realize what a bad chop job I did on the bottom. As I progressed around the edge, the fabric was fighting the big hem in the back and told me how much of a hem was needed. I obliged and pinned accordingly.

Then sewed:

Red Hawaiian - sewing hem 

One of the still-fat parts. I could only sew about an inch up, due to the allowance in the back. 

After finishing the hem and trying it on, I realized I needed to trim away all the extra length on the hem, cause it was falling down and touching my legs. It went snip, I don’t have a picture. I also noticed that those pleats were only making my butt look even bigger with the shorter skirt.

To deal with that, I decided to sew them down. One along the zipper and the other from my shoulder blade to mid-back.


Red Hawaiian - pinned flap

Pin it to win it!


Red Hawaiian - sewed flap

You live here now. 

Despite the back no longer flopping about, I still wanted to contain the volume, so I decided to make a sash,

I cut the bottom hem off of the chopped length:

Red Hawaiian - cutting sash from hem

Using an already even hem means a symmetrical sash.

Then turned it inside out and sewed down the chopped side:

Red Hawaiian - sewing sash

Then, feeding it back in on itself, I turned it right side out:

Red Hawaiian - sash inside out

Some people use a straw to assist with this process, but my hands worked fine. Go hands! 

Due to the volume of the skirt, the sash was quite long, so I was able to wrap it around twice.

Guys, I am really excited to show you the result, because I think this is the hottest dress I have done to date:

Red Hawaiian - after double

Boom!  Gosh, my legs are so beautiful and tan in the winter! 😉 

I am SO into this dress, that you are getting a before/after overload:

Red Hawaiian - comparison 2 back

Flappy vs. non-flappy back.

Red Hawaiian - comparison 3 length

Disney princess vs. Contemporary Hawaiian (dress) hottie

I wore this sexy little number to dinner at Watson Hall in Beaverton. If you have the means, I highly recommend it!

Final comparison:

Red Hawaiian - comparison 1 front

Have a good one everybody!

Update: Pretty pro photos do this dress justice!

_DSC4368 _DSC4376


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